5 Ways To Get Involved With World Environment Day

Today is the 31st World Environment Day (WED), an annual awareness drive that encourages people to take positive environmental action. Each June the 5th is a chance for everyone to take part in the WED celebrations, whether it’s by taking part in a campaign or making small lifestyle changes.

Here are 5 easy ways you can get involved with World Environment Day and help to protect the planet.

1. Learn About WED

The best way to start getting involved with WED is to learn about topical environmental issues. The official WED website has loads of useful links and pulls together environmental news from around the globe. You can help take part in various awareness challenges, download website banners and watch entertaining, informative videos. If you want to take your first step towards living a greener life, this website is the place to go.

2. Use #WED2014

Hashtags are easy to use and they get your message seen all over the world without increasing your carbon footprint! If you’ve been on the WED site and you’ve started changing your lifestyle to help the environment, why not tell everyone about your good work? Pop #WED2014 into your tweets and spread the word about WED. This is a quick and effective way of highlighting environmental messages, and you might convince other people to follow your lead.

3. Recycle

Sounds like a basic piece of advice, but recycling is a really easy way to start living a greener life. Over the years we’ve all got a lot better at recycling; separating paper, plastic and glass from regular waste has become a part of our daily routine, but we can go further! Make sure you recycle old phones, reuse old printer cartridges and take old clothing and fabrics to specialist recycling centres.

4. Use Sustainable Materials

Even though we are a packaging wholesaler, we make sure we do our part to look after the environment. Where possible, we make sure that we use Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified manufacturers for our paper bags, and we subsidise the cost of our recycled plastic carrier bags to encourage people to use them. Plastic can be targeted unfairly by campaigners, it’s actually a wonderfully reusable material that has great recyclable potential.

5. Use Green Transport

While having your own car is convenient, why not use a more environmentally friendly option now and again? You could start by taking the bus or train to work and reduce your carbon footprint. Already use public transport? If you can, why not get off a stop early and walk the rest of the way in? Finally, if you’re feeling ambitious you could even cycle to work, you’ll be keeping both yourself and the planet nice and healthy!

Are you getting involved with WED? Let us know in the comments!

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