Another busy month

Black Ribbon 25mm, Double Faced Satin Ribbon - Plain
What a busy month, we will soon be giving away Olympic chocolate medals with every box order, -it seems only 5 minutes ago that we were packing off swingball games to our Wimbledon winners, and £100 cash to our UEFA cup winner! I think that Danny Boyle and the brilliant team excelled themselves for the opening ceremony, and the 200 petals of the torch was inspired. We were all a bit disappointed that the Queen's corgis were not parachuted in to the Olympic opening ceremony in a set of comfy and strong APL cotton carrierbags. Perhaps APL should get its name around a bit more? Well as part of our plan, Andrew Mottershead joined us last week as web developer, beating all the other hopeful candidates to gold. Welcome, Andrew, and more on you later. Meanwhile we will see more improvements and additions to our websites. Finally, the container of handmades docked at Southampton on Friday, so by Wednesday this week we expect to be up to full inventory on our handmade paper carrier bags and environmentally friendly carrierbags.

More again soon, but for now, back to work!

Yours, Nick
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