APL Packaging Mailing Bags

Just a quick sneak preview of some of our upcoming packaging: mailing bags!

We’re always looking to cover every base when it comes to packaging so we’re really excited to be launching mailing bags soon. These are strong bags that keep their contents safe and private. They are 100% opaque and come with an extremely strong seal, once a mailing bag is shut you can guarantee it will remain sealed until it arrives with your client.
We will be selling mailing bags plain in a huge variety of sizes and colours including a selection of metallic finishes. Great for small or large companies and a practical alternative to cardboard boxes, mailing bags are ideal for sending brochures, documents, clothing and books.
Red mail
Our coloured mailing bags will be made out of virgin plastic while the grey mailing bags contain recycled materials. But a mailing bag’s life doesn’t end when it arrives through the post, there are lots of uses for them in day-to-day life. A quick internet search found lots of innovative suggestions, such as: Umbrella sleeves to keep handbags dry, storage for paper documents, and even using them to stuff beanbags and chairs! We want to ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ as much as we can, so it’s good to see that mailing bags have got a lot of post-use potential.
Keep your eyes peeled for further announcements on our website, twitter and facebook pages, we’ll make sure you know when they are ready to be ordered!

Hope you’re enjoying the short week so far,

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