Branded Packaging - Why Branding Matters

It’s hard to get away from branded packaging and almost everything we buy has a logo or brand associated with it. Brands influence what we buy and how much we buy. It’s proven that we build our identities and even meet our social aspirations through purchasing branded goods. Even as a marketing professional, I’m not any different. If a friend recommended a website or product that I need, I’ll take a look.
“Nothing influences people more than a recommendations from a trusted friend” Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO.

The link between branding and consumer shopping habits is very much ingrained in our psychology, therefore it’s important that retailers make the right impression.

So why’s branded packaging so popular?

There are many ways to build a brand and one popular way is through packaging. This is because consumers build trust and perceive value according to how items are packaged.

At APL we work with businesses every day to help build their brands. We work with some well known brands including Frankie & Benny’s and, and independent retail outlets too including Spun Candy and The Alresford Linen Company, however the goal is almost always the same: to attract customers and ensure that they repurchase.
Our heritage is in carrier bags and they still remain a popular method of packaging for many retailers because they are carried home for everyone to see and are very commonly reused, which creates increased exposure for their brand. Popular customised packaging items include printed carrier bags, printed ribbon and printed gift boxes. Retailers choose to purchase printed packaging because it works towards ensuring that when the item is taken out of the shop (or delivered to the customer’s door) their brand is instantly recognisable.

Printed packaging doesn’t have to be highly complex, after all, a logo or a single image has the power to get a message across very the saying goes ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’. People opt for all sorts of messages, colours, images and designs to get their message across, printed packaging allows you to be as creative or conservative as you wish.

How can I brand big on a small budget?

For smaller businesses with lower budgets printed packaging isn’t always an option due to costs. Another way to reflect brand identity through packaging is to coordinate items such as tissue paper and ribbons with the colours of the company logo.

Coordinated tissue paper and ribbons are a great investment as they can be incorporated into visual merchandising, such as windows displays and at points of sale. Another way to make the most of your branded packaging is to offer a gift wrap service, not only will this impress the customer as it will make them feel special, it will save them a job if it’s for a gift! It will also make them remember you!
The idea is you are offering a service that your customer will want to tell their friends and family about.

“Create something people want to share” John Jantsch, author of Duct Tape Marketing.

Branded packaging can be as expensive and lavish as you wish, but there are also other more economical ways to ensure your packaging leaves an impression on your customers too. Be creative!

f you would like any information on printed packaging or plain packaging then please get in touch, after all….

“no one ever succeeded without the help of others” Jay Abraham

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