Brighton packed with shoppers carrier bags

It was great to see Brighton packed with shoppers and APL re-usable carrier bags the other day. As they say, its good to get out! It was particularly good to see our carrier bags out and about! Re-usable cotton and jute carrier bags, degradable plastic carrier bags, our paper carrier bags, they were all there!

On an even lighter note, we've appealed on twitter and facebook for crazy carrier bag stories. In spite of the mild weather, one of our customers asked for carrierbags for reindeer antlers. Naturally we could help, and in the blur of getting the bags organised we forgot to ask how they were wrapping the rest of the reindeer. Maybe in our red tissue? What is your crazy carrier bag story?

Stay busy, have fun,

Yours, Nick Varlow

PS Sorry Worthing, I should have mentioned you, as our Warehouse and Printing is based in Worthing - yes, you were busy too!
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