Christmas Tissue Paper Decorations

Christmas is almost here! Are you looking forward to putting up your festive decorations or have you had the tree up since the start of November?

We came across these brilliant tissue paper decorations on the Miss Cutiepie blog and had to share them with you, can you believe they’re just made from tissue paper and a staple?
Carefully peel back the other half of the strip to make the bauble round. This is probably the trickiest stage as you don’t want to crease the first half.
Take one end and start to peel back the strips. Bend the outer layers back more to make the bauble round.

Here’s one we made earlier:
Step 3

Spread out the tissue paper and cut an inch into the fold lines.
Top tip: Use 2 colours of tissue to create a dazzling multi-coloured bauble.

Step 2

Cut each end of your folded tissue into a point. This will give the bauble a petal-like shape.
How did we make them? It only takes ten minutes and all you need is some quality tissue paper, scissors and a stapler!

Step 1

To start with you need to fold your tissue paper into a thin concertina’d strip and staple it in the middle.
We grabbed a couple of reams from the warehouse and had a go at making some ourselves!

Christmas Decorations

We’ve made smaller versions of these tissue paper baubles to decorate the APL office Christmas tree.
That’s all there is to it! Simple and effective, these tissue paper decorations can help you save money and liven up your shop or display at the same time!

If you need wholesale tissue paper be sure to check out our wide selection. We have a whole range of colours and even stock gold and silver reams with a metallic finish!

Happy decorating and I hope you’re all ready for Christmas!

Until next time,

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