Featured Customer: Hurley’s Hair Design

We get in touch with Bilston-based salon Hurley’s Hair Design!
It’s been a busy few months at APL as we’ve been working hard on a new website, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten our customers! John Hurley left us a glowing review online, so we wanted to learn more about his salon business Hurley’s Hair Design.

‘Hurley’s Hair Design was born when a local hairdressing business was being sold in January 2012.

Two members of staff were going to lose their jobs, my partner required a job after being made redundant and the town we live in needed a new small business. I saw the salon as an opportunity that would help bring people back into the town centre and provide more jobs.

In January 2012 I purchased the business, now Hurley’s Hair Design (HHD), and decided my main focus would be all about the clients. I wanted to offer value for money, exceptional customer service, fun and laughter, all the while bringing back the old style of business with an up to date look.

During the first year I coped with a full time job, my business and trained to be a barber. In January 2013 I decided my main focus would be purely on my staff and clients so I quit my job of 12 years which was a completely different career altogether in Vehicle breakdowns. The hairdressing business was completely new to me and I had to start from scratch.

Now, Hurley’s Hair Design is a thriving business with core values for our clients and we build big relationships with our suppliers and neighbouring businesses.

There was one failing of ours that we had struggled: our clients were not offered any means of carrying products they purchased from us. Although I had been looking for a supplier of bags, other businesses were very costly and the quantities were too excessive for us.

Finally, I managed to find APL Packaging. They fitted within our budgets, offered suitable quantities, their reviews were great and they fitted in with 2 of our particular brand views:

  • Integrity & Responsibility: Being trusted, respected, delivering on promises, following through and taking ownership & accountability.
  • Innovation, Creativity & Development: Thinking out of the box, challenging convention, creating new products, services or innovating, edgy ideas and style.

We now consider APL as one of our most trusted suppliers as they beat expectations. This means that we will not be repeating our past failing, we will ensure our clients receive the best service overall, and we will be a market leader within our town, setting a benchmark within the industry locally.

Once our business is more established, we will use APL to upgrade our bags to a branded version.’

Thanks, John, for your feedback, and we look forward to working with Hurley’s Hair Design more in the future!

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