How To Ensure Your Post Arrives Safely: 6 Useful Industry Tips

The number of packages lost or delivered to the wrong address has increased in recent years. To companies that operate entirely through the post this is unacceptable news.

If your business relies on prompt, safe delivery you will want consistent results, after all you wouldn’t tolerate shoddy service in a shop. APL posts all of its goods so we know how important it is that they arrive safely.

With Christmas post just around the corner there’s never been a better time to make sure your mail arrives safely. So what can you do to help prevent your post going missing? Our list of industry tips are here to stop your packages from getting lost.

1. Use Strong Materials

When choosing your packaging supplies it’s important to source products that can stand up to a bit of wear and tear. Use the wrong supplies and your post could come loose and easily get lost in transit.

Our mailing bags are made from single and co-extruded polythene. This material is strong but can also be stretched, the corners of boxes won’t puncture it.

APL mailing bags also come with an aggressive adhesive seal. Simply peel off the cover and press it shut, once our mailing bag is sealed it will remain firmly closed.
2. Seal It Twice

Don’t take any chances with your deliveries, keep them as safe as possible by taping over folded down seals.

The area where a seal is folded down usually leaves a small excess amount of material that is at risk of snagging at the sorting office or in a van. It only takes a couple of seconds, but by taping over this overlap you can further reduce the chance of your mailing bag or envelope accidentally opening.

3. Cushion Your Contents
Lots of companies send fragile material through the post such as jewellery, technology or precise components. With deliveries such as these further steps have to be taken to make sure they arrive intact.
Bubble wrap and foam packaging are perfect for absorbing impacts that may occur during delivery. Stuffing items such as shoes with tissue paper is always a good idea as it will prevent them from becoming dented. Tissue paper also looks great and will enhance the overall presentation of your delivery. Your customers will always appreciate these extra measures which could increase the likelihood of reorders in the future.

4. Keep It Neat
Just as your seals should be taped down, the rest of the package should be suitably tidy. Irregular sized parcels can cause problems at the sorting office, especially on conveyor belts.
Protruding corners and jagged edges require more attention when sorting and could delay the whole delivery process. If your company specialises in next day delivery you should never risk lateness.
Folding down the corners of mailing bags and taping them in place is one of the measures we take to keep parcels easy to handle. Keep surfaces flat and smooth and you reduce the possibility of delays.

5. Clear Labelling
Bold adhesive labels will help stop your parcel from getting delivered to the wrong location. Illegible addresses result in significant delays and can even be filed as a lost cause.
Easy to read labels also protect you against accidents in the sorting office. If your parcel is somehow damaged the contents are transferred to a Royal Mail mailing bag. In this situation the address from the original package is copied to the mailing bag. Clear writing makes this process easier and shouldn’t disrupt the delivery. Addresses written in bold capitals with permanent markers stand the best chance of retaining their message

6. Know Your Size and Weight
Letters and parcels have maximum size and weight limits which dictate how much you pay to send them.
To keep on budget and make the sorting process easier it’s a good idea to know the cut off points for the dimensions of your packages. The Royal Mail site has a useful chart to help you work out which format your goods fall into. This page also has some great information and links on how to send larger parcels.

We Can Help!
Finished this article and want to source strong packaging materials? APL can help! We stock a wide range of packaging supplies, from mailing bags to tape, documents enclosed envelopes and adhesive labels.
You can also match your packaging supplies to your brand image with our dazzling metallic mailing bags. Shiny mailing bags come in lovely festive colours making them perfect for Christmas deliveries.

Order from our site for next working day delivery.

Happy posting!

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