Money back on your empty drinks bottle?

It makes sense. (and it reduces litter)

The Dutch Government is reinstating what is called a “reverse vending” scheme for drinks bottles.

This seems like a good idea to me, what do you think?

It does mean you get money back on your empty. Sounds good doesn’t it? You get money back, and it encourages recycling. And it discourages littering. Some land litter floats into or is blown into the ocean, so fish enjoy a better environment too. It really is win-win all round. Except for Coca-Cola, who according to WFO, rather opposed the idea. It’s worth taking a look at WFO’s site below:

I should own up here. It is most unlikely that in the Varlow household we would take an empty back unless it is completely mashed. We are so tight that we refill drinks bottles from the tap.

Next week? Plastian The Little Fish

Until then, best wishes,

Nick Varlow

Photo: Bulldozer on a mountain of waste. So let's recyle!?
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