Nothing if not exciting year ahead

This year has got off to a good start on carrier bag and tissue sales, well ahead of last year year so far, which is encouraging. We are adding additional decorative and despatch packaging to our site soon, and we have just re-launched which delivers plain clothing next day and branded clothing in 7 days -often less. This side is also pleasingly busy.

And there is a lot of partying ahead isn't there? This year, we'll have to wait longer for some of our Bank Holidays, but when they come, they will come in two's! I'm referring to the Diamond Jubilee celebrations on 4th and 5th June, making a four day break for many of us (but not our retailer customers, sorry!)

And at the end of the following month there's the pretty special Friday, the Olympics opening ceremony -on the 27th July. I'm just wondering how much business will be done that day!

Probably the National partying will cause a few quiet days on sales, but we think it will be more than compensated by an improvement in mood, and a demand for our products.

Overall, whilst we expect to be working flat out as before, we are cautiously looking forward to sucessful -and fun- year.


Nick Varlow, Director
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