October News Round Up

Outraged by the carrier bag tax? Concerned about the contamination risks of bags-for-life? These are just two of the topics involving the humble carrier bag this month and the world of packaging has also seen some surprising developments.

Read on for article links and keep on top of industry news with this month's packaging round up.

Tissue Paper Growth

Think there’s no room left for packaging in an increasingly digital landscape? While print media has faced stiff competition from digital platforms, this article from Emirates 24 7 shows how even the latest tablets and phones have had a positive impact on tissue paper sales:


Bag Tax Poisoning

Hailed by some as the saviour of the landscape, damned by others as a shortsighted quick-fix, the carrier bag tax continues to make headlines. The latest development comes from The Telegraph where they highlight the risk of cross contamination by using bags-for-life.

With single use bags posing a threat to the environment and reusable bags labelled a health hazard, it seems the media still cannot decide which side to support.

Plastic is Fantastic

At least the University of Sheffield can see the benefits of plastic. Professor Tony Ryan OBE has highlighted the fact that plastic bags can be significantly more eco-friendly than alternative materials, especially when they are reused.

To spread the word and raise the profile of plastic carrier bags the university is holding an exhibition called ‘Plastic is Precious: It's Buried Sunshine.’ Running until the fourth of November the exhibition aims to re-evaluate some of the myths surrounding plastic carrier bags.

Carrier Bag Christmas Tree

Durham City’s Lumiere light festival takes place next month. The popular event includes some wonderful attractions including the world’s largest spherical hot air balloon, a giant sun over Durham University’s science site, and a 9 metre tall Christmas tree made from carrier bags.

We use carrier bags and packaging on a daily basis, but as these links show there is a lot more to them than meets the eye.

Until next time,

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