Paper Bags Are Headline News Thanks To LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf is the latest celebrity to sport the paper bag look.

As far as publicity stunts go, Shia LaBeouf could’ve done a worse job promoting his latest film this week in Berlin.
The actor looked pretty sharp in a crisp tuxedo as he posed for photos on the red carpet at the Berlin Film Festival earlier this week, however he topped off the look by wearing a brown paper bag on which he’d written ‘I am not famous anymore’ in black marker pen.

LaBeouf has explained his actions by saying his life is a work of art, and has followed this through by hosting an exhibition called #IAMSORRY in Los Angeles. The art installation consists of the actor sitting in a room wearing a paper bag similar to the one he wore in Germany.

LaBeouf isn’t the first celebrity to hide their face behind a paper bag, it seems all sorts of entertainers turn to the trusty carrier bag for anonymity.

The Unknown Comic

Canadian-American stand up comedian Murray Langston made the bag-over-head look famous over three decades ago. After a series of career setbacks Langston agreed to appear on The Gong Show, but he was so embarrassed he wore a paper bag on his head and called himself The Unknown Comic as he delivered a series of quick-fire smarmy jokes.

Just like Labeouf years down the line, Langston cut out eye and mouth holes so he could deliver his gags and wore a smart suit which made him look even more bizarre.
Luckily for Langston the gimmick was a hit. He became famous for his Unknown Comic act and developed a cult following, he even appeared as a guest on a series of American talk shows.

Thomas Pynchon

Post-modernist author Thomas Pynchon is famed throughout the literary world for being reclusive, only a handful of photographs of the author are known to exist. While lots of authors preface their books with short but detailed autobiographies, Pynchon’s are notably sparse and include the bare minimum of facts.

Avoiding the public eye has been a life-long task for Pynchon, so it’s all the more surprising that he appeared in an episode of one of the world’s most watched programmes: The Simpsons.
The author plays up to his reclusive image in an episode where Marge Simpson becomes a novelist. Drawn wearing a paper bag over his head with a giant question mark printed on it, Pynchon lends his voice to a series of sarcastic lines, including: ‘Thomas Pynchon loved book book, almost as much as he loves cameras!’

Paper Bag Fashion

It’s not often paper carrier bags are front page news, especially as a fashion accessory. However, LaBeouf’s exhibition was attended by fans wearing a bag over their heads decorated with various anti-fame slogans.

Want to get the LaBeouf look? We recreated it in our office with a twist handle paper carrier bag and permanent marker pen.
Just cut off the handles, write something related to being famous, and voila! Now you too could turn heads on the red carpet!
When people order paper carrier bags from APL it’s usually for holding products, but whatever you want to use them for you can order paper bags on our site

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