Plastics and Rubber Weekly

I was looking for some inspiration, so I headed straight for “Plastics and Rubber Weekly”. OK, I can get defensive about my reading habits. We are in the packaging business, and it can be a good read. (sad, isn’t it).

Going back a few issues, 2nd October’s issue drew attention to the fact that plastics re-cyclers are going in to liquidation. Which seems strange, because isn’t recycling supposed to be what we are all supposed to be doing?

Unfortunately recycled just hasn’t yet caught the national mood. APL has offered 100% recycled carrier bags since 2009, but there is still a view that they are “not quite as good” as “normal” carrier bags and I’m glad we did not rely on selling high volumes of recycled bags to pay the wages!

Has this pricked your conscience and do you want 100% recycled bags? (and that is post consumer recycled, not just factory waste) Here’s our link!

100% recycled plastic carrier bags
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