Plastics Marine Litter

“Plastian The Little Fish” is the tale of two little brother and sister fishes, who start an ocean adventure, and end up collecting plastic debris in the ocean with some new friends.

There is a link between plastics land litter and and plastics sea litter, which is one of the better reasons for the carrier bag tax introduced in October. "Plastian The Little Fish" was launched at The Waste Free Ocean Conference. It helps raise awareness of the dangers and stupidity of plastics littering. As APL Packaging supply plastic carrier bags, we encourage and think it very important that plastic carrier bags are properly collected and recycled. If that were done, and because of their low carbon footprint compared with cotton, jute or woven polypropylene, there would be little case against using plastic carrier bags

I would be interested to hear back from any of you who follow the link and take a look at the Waste Fee Oceans website.

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