Technology ate their lunch

I read this today, it sums up what happened to Blockbusters, HMV, and Jessops. I feel sorry for Jessops, (but not the others) they provided good advice, and cameras are tactile things, so there was a case for getting customer hands on a top-end camera and "feeling" it before buying. But they were not getting enough customers through their doors, and the internet ate them.

But it got me thinking - "touchy feely" is important in business - customers want to know about a product, and be reassured about colour, texture, quality, delivery, etc. -a whole bunch of things that need to be known before a relaxed buying desicion can be made. And equally, we need to know what our customers really want, so that our offer stays relevant and we continue to prosper.

So if Jessops failed because they were not internet based, those who are internet based should not feel too secure, if they are not ensuring they are completely communicating with their customers, as if they are face-to-face.

As close to face-to-face as we can be on the net! That is our mission for 2013.

See you later!

With best wishes,

Nick Varlow
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