The Lowdown on the Carrier Bag Tax

Carrier bags are back in the news again with Scotland discussing a 5p charge on single use carrier bags to come into effect in 2014.

Tricky issue this one with lots of passionate arguments both for and against. We've boiled down some of the facts and opinions into this infographic, complete with references and links if you want to do some further reading and explore this news story in greater depth.
We've got plenty to say on this subject but there are so many factors to discuss we'll spread them out over separate posts. In the mean time we'd like to hear from you, what do you think about a charge for single use carrier bags? Do you think 5p is too little and we should charge even more, like the Republic of Ireland does? Or do you think this story is an example of 'greenwash' and it detracts from larger environmental problems?

Thanks for looking over our first infographic!

Hope you all have a great weekend, until next time,

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