Tom, don't let anybody kid you

“Tom, don't let anybody kid you. It's all personal, every bit of business”.

This is by Mario Puzo, from the Godfather. Whilst the APL family may have a slightly different work ethic from the Corleones, yes, we do agree, that in the end, it’s all personal.

I want to talk about recycling. How do I get to recycling from “it’s all personal”?
Easy. I am passionate about recycling. It’s personal. Maybe it’s because I’ve been nearly 30 years in Packaging: like most businesses and most people, APL are part of a consuming society. Nothing wrong with that, but don’t we really need to learn to recycle more and use less energy while we are at it.? Most of APL’s products are easily separated for the appropriate kerb collection and recycling. We aim to recycle max, both in the APL business, and for our customers, and at home.

However, I recently came across a couple of containers which rather defied separation for recycling. They are made of 4 materials which all require different treatment.

Foil - into the bin for landfill.
Poly cap - Into the plastics bin to recycle with the milk bottles. (some Authorities may not want ldpe plastics, but we’ll pass over that for now)
Steel base. hmm see below.
Heavy card drum, no problem, into the paper bin with it. Uhuh, it comes with a steel base firmly attached. It’s impossible to remove, even assuming you use all 10 fingernails and your teeth.

So which bin, if any, does it go in? Paper or Tins? Or give up and throw it in the landfill bin?

One of the containers states: “Tin -mixed, not currently recycled”. At least that is true. (Thank you Morrisons) The other container (no prizes for guessing which one) simply shows a recycling logo. Very cute, and slightly less than helpful. I’ll email them to ask if they can supply a pair of pliers with each purchase so that we can separate the metal from the card to cycle.

Maybe you are ahead of me on this - I’d be pleased to hear any other opinions, or any detail from recycling experts. It could be, it should be, that this is already a big issue in some enlightened circles!

That’s all for now, must get back to work…
Nick Varlow
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