Top 5 Chocolate Treats

Easter weekend must be one of the most popular times of the year; the weather is improving, if you’re lucky you get a long weekend, and to top it off you get to enjoy heaps of chocolate.
What’s the best way to overindulge with chocolate though? Here’s our top 5 chocolate treats, but we're prepared to conduct more research and update the list later on.

5. Kinder Surprise
Who didn’t want one of these as a kid? Heck, who would turn down one now if they were on offer? Kinder eggs are the best of both worlds, tasty chocolate and a toy all in one. The only downside is the capsule on the inside which is always difficult to open. Or is that just me?

Did you know? Kinder eggs are banned in America.

4. Chocolate Pizza
Don’t be fooled, these aren’t regular dough based pizzas with chocolate on top, instead they are high quality Belgian chocolates in the shape of pizzas made by The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company. With a range of flavours available including honeycomb and walnut, there’s a chocolate pizza for every occasion. The Easter pizza (above, complete with bunnies) would be perfect for the coming weekend.

3. Chocolate Bouquet
Noticing that floral arrangements needed more chocolate, My Chocolate Explosion combined the two and made these eye-catching sweet centrepieces. You can order bespoke handmade chocolate explosions on their site, ideal for parties, functions, or if you just want to treat yourself in style.

2. Chocolate Stiletto Shoes
These shoes weren’t made for walking, instead they look great on cakes and plates. Our friends over at Cathryn Cariad Chocolates make bespoke chocolate shoes in any colour you fancy. The only problem is, could you eat something that looks this good?

1. Creme Egg
The staple chocolate of any Easter celebration, Cadbury’s Creme Eggs have a sweet fondant centre with a thick chocolate shell, you can’t go wrong with that combination. These elusive eggs are all the sweeter because you can only get them between January and April. Be honest, how many times have you bulk bought Creme Eggs to last you through the year?

What is your favourite chocolate treat? If I left yours off my list let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

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