Where does it all go?

"Where does it all go?"

Thank goodness the bag tax has now come in, The Daily Wail can wail about something new, and we can all get on with life again.

However, it’s best not to think that we have done much for the environment by taxing thin poly bags 5p. Reusable bags have to be used hundreds of times before any carbon pay-off, and most don’t get near that. There will be fewer plastic bags in the ocean (good), and fewer bags littered stuck in trees (good). There will be fewer supermarket bags to use as pedal bin liners in the Varlow household (bad). But if we earthlings want to ensure that parts of the Greenland Icecap don’t slide into the sea, do we need to do a teeny weeny bit more than tax bags 5p?

It’s the carbon that has to go down folks, so let’s follow the Paris Climate Change Conference, http://www.cop21.gouv.fr/en/ starting 30th November. Hopefully the delegates will get beyond bags.

Nick Varlow

Laurent Fabius, France's Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development, and Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary, UNFCCC, have already confirmed that COP21 (21st Conference of Partners, UN partners, that is) will proceed as planned and not to let terrorism derail what will be one of the most important environmental conferences of our lifetime.?
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