Luxury Gift Boxes FAQ

How are gift boxes measured?
The box measurements are taken internally. At APL we state the length first (l), then the width, that is back to front (w) and finally, the height (h)

Do you have a minimum order quantity for the gift boxes?
Yes, our minimum is 10 gift boxes per order plain or 50 printed. You can order a sample direct from our website.

Do you supply wholesale boxes?
Yes we are happy to quote for wholesale luxury gift boxes just get in touch with your size and quantity requirements.

Can I buy printed gift boxes?
Yes, we offer hot foil printed gift boxes. We lovingly print the boxes in-house by hand using our hot foil machine. We always print on the lids for the best quality results. There is a one off set-up fee for printing gift boxes, this covers the cost of the printing block which has to be made to print your art work.

What quality is the foil printing on gift boxes
All our gift boxes are hand printed using a hot foil press-each box is positioned under a die and then printed individually.
As this is a manual process there is a tolerance on position of the image of 2-3mm both horizontally and vertically.
We make very effort to position each box exactly but you may see slight differences between each box.

What colour foil can I have printed on my gift boxes?
There are a number of coloured foils to choose from including: gold, silver, black, white, green, blue, turquoise, purple, pink and red. You can also have your boxes blind printed, this means the design is printed without any foil and simply leaves an imprint of your design. If you have a specific colour you would like printed onto your boxes, then give us a call!

Is foil printing environmentally friendly?
We can assure you that, yes, foil stamping is eco-friendly and you should have no concerns about any negative long-term effects that your designs will have on the environment.

  • Foil printing is a totally dry, solvent free process.
  • Paper & board that has been foil stamped can be recycled.
  • Independent studies were conducted to determine the biodegradability and the recyclability of foil stamped paper.
  • Foil has no visible effects in slowing down the rate of biodegradation of the paper & board.
  • Foil also does not affect the repulpability of the paper substrate. A study carried out by FSEA/PIRA has found that the foil, like ink, can be successfully removed by the flotation de-inking process with no particles remaining once the paper was re-pulped.

What is the minimum order quantity for printed gift boxes?
You can order from as little as 50 printed gift boxes.

What are kraft boxes?
It's the name of the paper that covers the card which the box is made from. Typically, kraft is a "construction" paper, made for making things, as well as printing on. Its natural colour is a golden brown, but it can also come white or be printed any colour. Kraft paper has long strands or fibres and has a higher tear resistance, than say, an art or "woodfree" paper.

What does FDA approved mean?
FDA is an acronym for Food and Drug Administration, which is administered by the United States Department of Health and Human Services. In the context of packaging, varying levels of FDA certification are provided for varying levels of food contact with different types of food. Grade 1 - not food safe. Grade 2 - food safe as long as there is an insulator between the box and food. Grade 3 - safe for direct food contact.

Can I buy gift boxes in bespoke sizes?
We are happy to talk about bespoke sized gift boxes. You cannot buy bespoke boxes from our website, we are happy to supply a separate quote.

How are the gift boxes delivered?
All pain gift boxes are delivered next working day, they are sent to you in crush proof boxes and wrapped in tissue paper for extra protection. All printed gift boxes are delivered in 7-10 working days, they are sent in crush proof boxes for a secure delivery.

Do you sell A4, A5, A6 gift boxes?
Yes we do, we offer a number of presentation boxes that are perfect for documents, and certificates such as these A4 gift boxes and A5 gift boxes.
Gift Boxes Ribbon and Raffia
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