Carrier Bags FAQ

Can I buy printed carrier bags?
We can print from just 100 bags, using screen printing, digital, or flexographic printing on our stock bags. We can deliver in from 7 working days from proof of approval.

I use large quantities of carrier bags, can I get a trade discount?
Yes, by all means, we are delighted to quote special rates for a pallet or larger quantities of non-palletised boxes,our very popular white plastic bags are a good example.

Where do I send my printed artwork to?
Please send to: The best format for us is a vectored EPS (encapsulated postscript) file with all fonts turned to outlines. For digital print we can also use a high resolution JPEG if no EPS file is available.

Do I get a proof to approve for my bags?
Yes. We will email a proof to you as a PDF Document. It will be based on the artwork you send us. The design will be positioned in the centre of the carrier bag, sized to fit the print area of the bag you have ordered. If you have asked for a particular image size and/or positioning within the print area, it will be shown on the proof. It is vital that you check the proof very carefully for content and positioning: you will be responsible for any errors (which can and do happen) if approved by you. We will not proceed to print before we have your emailed OK of the proof.

What will be the setting-up (origination) cost for printed carrier bags?
This is cost of proof, production of film, and the printing screen for silk screen printing (for paper laminate bags, jute, and cotton) or flexographic plates (for kraft paper twist or tape handle bags, or polythene bags). The cost of origination is shown on the price page when you order. There is no origination cost for repeat orders. We will advise you of any extra charge if your artwork requires a lot of studio time to get to proof and film stage.

How quickly will my printed carrier bags arrive?
Normally from 7 working days from proof of approval. If a particular delivery time is very important to you, for example a date for an exhibition, then you must tell us, in the space provided, when you order. Delivery for a particular date is not guaranteed unless we are told in advance and agree to a date in writing.

What sort of print quality can I expect from my bags?

Printed rope handle paper bags:
Rope handled paper laminate carrier bags are available in a range of sizes including A4 paper bags. Ready-made stock carrier bags - complete with folds and handles fitted - are screen printed in their fully made-up form. This is what makes it economical to print very small quantities for you. It isn't ideal for printing because we don't have a flat surface to print on. If you look closely you may see some imperfections, and feathering on the edge of the ink produced by the mesh of the screen. For most people the print quality is entirely adequate, but don't forget it is silk screen print on ready made carrier bags, and is not intended to compare wth lithographic print on flat sheet. But we have large numbers of happy customers, so if in doubt do please phone us on 01903 202 333.

Printed twist handle and tape handle carrier bags:
We flexographic print ready-made carrier bags in stock: whilst our printer has great skills, the side and base creases in the bag may show across ink lines, and don't forget the bag colour may tint the ink colour a little.

Printed environmentally-friendly paper bags with rope handles, and white twist-handle kraft paper carriers:
For smaller quantities, and to reproduce photographic images, we may offer digital overprinting. Many of our customers find digitally overprinted bags to be an excellent choice for smaller quantities needed at short notice. If in doubt, call us on 01903 202 333 and ask for advice and a sample printed bag.

Printed jute bags:
Jute is a natural material with an open weave and very uneven surface for printing. The most successful designs on jute avoid fine detail or small print!

Printed cotton carrier bags:
This is another natural material, but the weave is tighter than jute's, allowing somewhat finer detail to be printed.

Printed polythene carrier bags:
These (and by the way they are degradable polythene) are printed before they are made into bags, so within the limitations of printing on polythene (it's slippery stuff!) we are proud of our results.

Quality of ink cover (obliteration)
Rope handled paper laminate bags, jute and cotton carrier bags: These are screen printed. Screen print inks are fairly good at covering dark colours so it is possible, for example, to print white on black, although the black will take the edge off the white's brightness. If any tinting is entirely unacceptable to you, order your overprint on white or a light base colour.
Twist handle carrier bags, tape handle carrier bags, and polythene carrier bags These are "flexographic" printed. Flexographic inks are thin and are not good at covering dark colours. Even light carrier bag colours will tend to darken any ink colour. Dark carrier bags are best printed metallic silver or gold.

What if I think there is something wrong with my printed packaging?
Please call us 01903 202 333. If there is a defect, within the quality standards of overprint described here, we will put it right. Please note that unlike our stock bags, we will not take overprinted carrier bags back if you simply do not like what you have ordered. It is therefore vital to you that you check your proof carefully, as you will not be credited for errors (which can happen) if approved by you.
Coloured Poly Carrier Bag
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