Tissue Paper FAQ

What is "cap" tissue paper?
An economy tissue, rather greyish, used for wrap and protection. Our CAP tissue is acid-free, but generally, CAP is not. CAP is OK for packing houseware items, chinaware, shoes, etc., but isn't recommended where a higher level of presentation is required, or appropriate for wrap of delicate items such as silverware, silks, or jewellery. APL offer white CAP tissue paper in two sizes, and a range of MF tissue. For more information, see the APL Packaging Buyer's Guide to tissue.

What is "MF" tissue paper?
Machine Finish tissue has a smooth finish obtained during the papermaking process by calendering using a heavy metal cylinder, rather than as a separate manufacturing operation. Machine finish papers may be coated by machine on one or two sides. MF is a step up on the quality ladder from CAP tissue, and is a better tissue in terms of finish and texture, and more likely to be specified as acid free tissue paper. We stock it in a range of colours, specified acid free and bleed resistant. It is glazed and finished on both sides. For more information, see the APL Packaging Buyer's Guide to tissue.

What is acid free tissue paper?
Acid-free paper has a neutral ph and is less likely to damage goods if left in contact with them for extended periods. It is safe with silverware, interleaving in books, and long term storage of clothing.

Is your tissue paper 100% acid free?
Yes our luxury range is 100% acid free tissue paper.

How is the tissue paper delivered?
Our tissue paper is wrapped in an outer kraft paper wrapper to keep it crease free and protected.

Do I need to store the tissue paper flat to keep it crease free?
Yes, if you wish to keep your tissue paper crease free it is best stored flat. If you need to save space you can fold the entire ream in half in it's outer kraft paper wrapping, this generally won't cause the paper to crease.

Do you have metallic tissue paper?
Yes our luxury range includes a gold and silver metallic tissue paper.

Does tissue paper bleed when wet?
No tissue paper is 100% colourfast there is a slight bleed on all colours, we have tested all our colours, the only colour that has a definite bleed is the dark blue.

Can I use the tissue paper to wrap food?
Our tissue paper does not have a food grade, which means it has not been certified for direct food contact. If you are wrapping food items we strongly advise you use a 'food grade' tissue.
pink tissue paper
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