Grey Mailing Bags

Grey Mailing bags made from recycled plastics - Permanent seal - 100% Degradable

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Grey mailing Bags with a permanent seal which ensures that your goods arrive safely, they are waterproof too so you can be sure that your items will arrive in good condition! Choose from 7 popular sizes. MADE IN GREAT BRITAIN

What makes these bags degradable?

Our mailing bags are made from 90% recycled platic and contain a biodegradable additive, this means that they are 100% degradable!


Manufactured from 55mu LDPE polythene these mailing envelopes are malleable, which makes them an alternative to padded mailing bags which are much more rigid, so better for a wider range of shops and retail outlets, easy to store in the office and a greater capacity than envelopes.


If you are sending something that is on the slightly fragile side then ensure that you either pop it in a flat pack box, or wrap it in bubble wrap for a safe delivery!

We recommend you store and seal your grey postal bags at room temperature (15-20 degrees celsius) this will help safeguard the adhesive seal.


You can order a sample directly from our product page, this will help you with sizing!
We charge a small fee for the item and delivery but we give this back to you in form of a voucher off of your next £25+ order.
  • Low Cost!
  • Tri-extruded
  • Strong & Stretchy
  • 100% Degradable
  • Grey mailing bags - made from recycled materials - environmentally friendly
  • Perfect for Shoe boxes, homeware items such as linen and soft furnishings.
Width (cm)43
Height (cm)60
ColourGrey, Recycled
Price ( inc VAT)
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