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Blue Mailing bags made from top quality degradable plastic, delivered next working day! Discontinued

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Blue mailing bags are designed to securely carry items through the post, they have an excellent resistance to water to ensure your items stay dry. Seriously lightweight, these bags will help keep your postage costs down!

Manufactured from three layers (tri-extruded) of 55mu low-density polyethylene (LDPE) our degradable mailing bags are strong and slightly stretchy, they naturally mould around the objects sealed inside.

The sticky adhesive strip makes them really secure - the bag will rip before the seal will give away!

What’s more these mailing bags are degradable; this means when disposed of the materials will break down.

For the best results store and seal your blue mailing bags at room temperature (15-20 degrees celsius) this will help preserve the sticky seal.
  • Low Cost!
  • Tri-extruded
  • Strong & Stretchy
  • Mailing bags in mid-blue, 55micron and made from degradable materials.
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