And The Winner is…

I asked Pringles, owned by Kellogg’s, how their containers which are made from 4 different materials including a metal base crimped to a card tube, are recycled. Their 1st response was PR gobbledygook (“recycling efforts of people like you and me”) So I politely asked again, how are the two materials separated at recycling?
I got the same response.
“Recycling efforts of people like you and me.”
“Thankyou for your interest and the time taken to contact us”

From their response I take it that:
Pringles, you don’t care about recycling.
Pringles, you don’t care about us knowing you don’t care about recycling

0 out of 10, Pringles. Please leave the show.

The star is a nice guy from Worthing-Adur Council, where APL Packaging are based, who gave the following response:

“...those tubes that remain intact throughout the (sorting) process described, these will be sold to the cardboard manufacturers and the steel will be removed as part of the pulping process carried out at the paper mills, in the same way that staples from magazines are removed.”

So the pulping mill has to deal with Pringle’s metal bases in their pulp along with staples!

Finally, Brighton and Hove Council, where I live.
CityClean the contractors sent me a link to a nice video showing nice bin men...collecting recycling. So probably, there is no-one there who has the time or knows whether packaging should be easy, or made as difficult as possible to recycle.

Shall we give them 5 out of 10 for the nice video?

So we have Pringles, owned by Kellogg’s, making it as difficult as possible to recycle their millions of cartons by making them from 4 different materials including a metal base crimped to the cardboard tube, impossible for customers to separate. Thank goodness there are people who ARE interested in recycling. Probably at the front are ellenmacarthurfoundation who are right out in front, so far in front, they are beyond recycling. Worth a look. And so far behind, are poor Pringles.
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