Follow up

Hard to recycle tins

Mixed materials: Card with steel base

A quick update on recycling the Morrisons and Pringles packaging- the card tubes with metal base.

Brighton and Hove, where I live, and Adur-Worthing local authority, where APL are based, both accept these mixed material containers for recycling, which is good news. I have asked both local authorities how they really recycle them: they use a sorting tunnel, air jets, magnets and infra red to recycle, but it seems to me, if selected as card it will come with steel attached, or if selected as steel, it will come with card attached! So how is it actually reprocessed?

I have asked for information on how the reprocessing is actually achieved with these mixed materiel containers and wait their replies.

I have also asked Pringles again. They are owned by Kelloggs, and it is likely that an organisation of their size will know how their millions of mixed material card/steel containers are reprocessed. I wait their response too.

More later!

With best regards
Nick Varlow
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